myka-10This is Matty, Ariel and little Myka.

      This little trio of beautiful hearts makes me so amazingly happy. Each time I look through these photos I get the biggest smile on my face and I get all giddy remembering how much fun this little family sessions was. Myka’s laugh and adorable smile made my day complete, and you can see it so clearly on Ariel and Matty’s smiles that she is such a shining light! She is super special. This bond between them is double special.

      I am so grateful that I got to photograph them and especially grateful that I could capture these moments between them ;) Thank you so so so much!

      Big love to you three! <3 <3

      myka-12 myka-16 myka-18 myka-23 myka-24 myka-26 myka-27 myka-30 myka-31 myka-33 myka-34 myka-35 myka-36 myka-37 myka-38 myka-40 myka-41 myka-42 myka-43 myka-44 myka-45 myka-49 myka-52 myka-53 myka-55 myka-57 myka-58 myka-59 myka-67 myka-69 myka-70