Decided to stay up in Barrie today. Alone for the first time in the cottage. Now I think we can all agree that there is something so freeing about being in the middle of nowhere. The quiet and stillness of just the trees and life. However it’s not always so easy to get in touch with that. Case and point – I am currently writing this blog, while alone up at the cottage in Barrie. Which, as mentioned, is my first time doing so. It’s frankly.. a little uneasy. The cottage keeps making little creaks and groans that have my eyes snapping up from my computer ¬†going “what was that?!”. So this little reprieve from the city has me thinking less about the in touch with nature part of the unknown wild and more onto the who do you turn to when you get the nerves going.

      Maryam and Angelo definitely had that connection. She was the sweetest bundle of nerves and Angelo was right there the whole time taking care of all her little quirks. Getting in front of the camera is not something people just natural feel comfortable doing, and then to ask a couple to wake up at the crack of dawn to head out in the woods to shoots. Well, understandably there were some quirks lol. So here are some things I loved about this session. One, the gorgeous dress that Maryam wore. Two, just how dirty the bottom of it got! You really aren’t having a real adventure session if we are getting dirty lol Three, these two have an incredibly softness in their love. Capturing them do something as simple as a touch was beautiful. And lastly, that they trusted me completely and let all their nerves go.