Cherry Beach in winter. Can there be a less attractive time to be next to the frigid lake cold? A frozen over lake, high winds that cut to the bone. Pretty much every engagement session dream. But be that as it may, Jimmy and Sarah braved that cold – and it was worth every minute. Total Game of Thrones vibes were flying off of Sarah in her red dress. Not to mention Jimmy was incredibly sweet about making sure she never got too cold. In many ways I cannot thank clients enough when they’re willing to just go for it. When you push just little bit more, magic always happens.

      So some things to consider if you’re going to winter it up. Number one, bring a huge blanket. Something plain or at least colour coordinated to your outfits. This way as we walk through our location I can keep snapping away. Number two, sturdy shoes! Wear boots with a long dress, it’s okay! It adds to the quirkiness of the session. Number three, get ready to snuggle. Which of course should be pretty obvious. It’s freaking cold! What else would I ask you to do ;) And lastly, your complete sense of adventure.

      If you bring these four things, your session is a success.