1. open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially when dealing with unpalatable matters.

      Now I’ve already confessed to a small fear of blogging. A lot of that is because my mind goes in so many directions when trying to write a post. I want to be at one moment completely sappy, gloriously optimistic and sunshiny, while the next moment my mind is filled with pensive thoughts of imagined worldly wisdom and deep quotes of deepness about my photography and the people I’m (really, truly) so lucky to be surrounded by. Neither of these really fit. I just like it when people (and me included) say what they mean and mean what they say. Which brings me to this firecracker of a personality, Marie.

      See that quote up there.. thats my girl :) And I love it! She is true to herself always; sometimes hilariously so! She says things.. bluntly, honestly and sometimes without thinking the sentence structure through the whole way. Which by the way, leads to some of the best laughs of my life. Late nights sitting on the kitchen floor in our old apartment drinking probably way to much wine (or not really :9) and just talking it out will forever be my favourite memories. She is stubborn, unwavering, beautiful and yes, frank. She has a lot of fight and fire in her soul for the people she cares about but she won’t sugar coat things for you. And that, in my opinion, is the woman you want in your corner in life.


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