Alright, so I have a bit of a confession. Well its not really so much of a confession since I will freely admit to this to anyone but I have a small obsession with these kids. Why? Their smiles. I have known little Blake since he was born and his smile has always just stopped my heart. Now to top it off the latest addition to the clan, Crosby, is heading down that same show stopping smile path.  One of my favourite books is called Shantaram and it has a great explanation for this golden smile phenomenon in one of their characters, Prabaker.

      “There was something in the disk of his smile – a kind of mischievous exuberance, more honest and more excited than mere happiness – that pierced me to the heart.”

      This is exactly it. These smiles are magic. And all I can really say is thank you to Jordana and Russell for introducing these two into my life and giving me such beautiful smiles to keep in my heart. <3 <3

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      I don’t kmow this family but tyese images arw so beautiful I would put them on my wall

      Thank you Ewelina!! These two boys have smiles that stop traffic I swear!