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      Your love is inspiring. Your love is your own. They way you “show up” for your relationship is not how others do. Maybe you need to be cuddled before you can fall asleep.. or maybe one of you runs so hot you have room for three bodies between you and laugh because of how ridiculous that is. So let’s capture that. These incredible moments that are about you and your best friend for life, rather than a posed, awkward illustration of your relationship. I cannot even begin to explain how important it is to embrace your relationship and all it’s wonder.

      How I shoot and the images you get are relative to what you give me in return. It all comes down to you and your partner and how you take on the world. How you inspire each other by being individuals who have chosen to be with this person. Trust me and let your inhibitions go and we can make magic happen that is unique to just the two of you.


      I’m a constant giggler, aimless wanderer and hopeless dreamer. I live mostly in my head and love French Bulldogs (like really really love!).

      I’ve taken the road less travelled to get to where I am but I wouldn’t have done it any differently. Art, painting, photographs… this is what I do and it’s who I am. I can’t imagine doing anything else because the thought literally gives me anxiety.

      A little something extra….
      My favourite time of day is morning.. the earlier the better! I watch a lot of horror movies… alone… in the dark… I sugar the shit out of my coffee!! yums :3 I keep my journal with me at all times. Absolutely love love love to sing!
      My eyebrows are a constant mess… My favourite artist is Frida Khalo… probably explains the eyebrows ;) I really really want to see Tokyo!!


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